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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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Snow Joe SJ621 Snow Blower Reviews

Snow Joe isn't as well referred to as other major snow blower makers and Husqvarna like Worx After reviewing the Snow Joe SJ620 maybe they ought to be. For the cost, this is one simple- to-use, high-quality machine.

The specs for the SJ620 are clear-cut, even typical sounding. This electrical snow blower model sports a 13.5 amp motor that runs off normal house current. Just plug it into a standard outlet with the appropriate extension cord and you're all set.

Really lightweight at just 31 lbs, the Snow Joe SJ621 is modestly heavier, 33 lbs, because of the halogen lamp as you plow in the front that illuminates your course. Those are the only differences between the two models apart, naturally, from the price. Now, on Amazon, that price difference is only about $10.

That's where the 'normal' ends for this model. To get an unit made almost entirely of plastic and home a more or less typical motor it pumps a ton of snow rapidly and reliably.

Throwing 650 lbs of Snow Per Minute
The SJ620 is rated to throw 650 lbs of snow per minute, also it easily lives up to that rating. Is that a lot or a little? Consider it this way: you will be achieved in 15 minutes, if there is a 10 inch layer of moderately wet snow to clear from a driveway about 10 feet wide by 20 feet long.

The reasons this snow thrower can do such a comprehensive, rapid occupation are many.

As an electrical model, the SJ620 takes no time (and no effort) to start. Press the blue button, squeeze the blue safety lever in the handle and you're on the way.

Before you do that you'll need to correct the chute as desired, naturally. Like most, it swivels a full 180 degrees; unlike some, it is possible to correct the angle at the same time. That enables this model to throw snow nicely clear of the place you're working on, a full 20 feet with dry snow. Heavy, wet snow - which the SJ620 can plow through without excessive challenge.

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