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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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Top Best Pregnancy Pillows

The pregnancy body pillow or maternity pillow was brought to my attention as "the greatest cash spent during my pregnancy", so what's pregnancy / maternity pillow or body pillow?

The starting point for this aid is the body pillow, unlike most other pillows the pregnancy pillow is set alongside the body rather than across it. It is either set involving the knees or the upper leg might be rested on top of it.

The pregnancy pillow nevertheless is designed with the expectant and at times nursing mom in your mind as well. The come in numerous shapes, from simple hockey stick shapes to more elaborate open figure "8" or "U" shapes and many shapes in between!

Relief From Your Aches and Pains of Pregnancy

1. Leahco Pregnancy Pillow
With all the amazing body changes happening during the second and third trimester, having an increasing uterus as well as the body preparing the hips for childbirth it's no wonder that things can get very uncomfortable.

Simply carrying across the weight of the expanding abdomen puts increased pressure on the pelvic area and back, it would be a stress for everyone to carry around that kind of weight all day long.

One other thing that occurs is that hormones including relaxin are released to permit the ligaments, the very tough fibers that locks the bones of the pelvis tightly together generally, to become more stretchy in expectation of the birthing procedure, to enable the birth canal to expand.

The truth that the pelvic bones are free to go may cause the hip pain experienced occasionally, but also for the same reason some girls find that pre existing hip/back pain problems are resolved as the bones re align themselves. If hip pain is intense seek professional guidance as it could be pelvic arthropathy.

2. Leachco Back N Belly Contoured Body Pillow
Pregnancy pillows are designed to assist counter those two causes of distress mentioned previously, by supporting the abdomen and back (see above) and by additionally supporting the hip by placing a pillow between the thighs and knees.